Poker strategy, how to understand the “messages”

A “message” in poker is a set of behaviors or gestures that are common to several players, especially those with less experience. The most skilled players it will retain the same expression all the time, until you get to wear sunglasses or , as in the case of professional players, a sweatshirt with a hood to avoid being “discovered” by opponents.

Understanding signals in poker

1. Hole Cards: When the flop comes, revealing a staircase potential, many players check their hole cards ie those that have in hand, to see if they are combined. This usually means that the player’s cards are not suitable and do not remember exactly what cards you have.

2. Hands trembling because a player can not always control his nervous system, hands or fingers that tremble is always a clear signal that has a hand of cards outstanding. If you see this reaction, be careful!

3. Body language: something that professionals know well is that most of the players showed significant differences in behavior according to their character and how it is developing a hand. For example, to be broken, “sprawled” is often connected to a weak hand, while sitting straight beautiful can mean to have a good hand and be ready for action. About bluffing tends to lean forward while doing it, assuming a threatening or provocative, as if in practice defied anyone to discover their bluff. Beware of falling behind and other changes in body position.

4. Stack the chips: although not very accurate, this signal is connected to the strategy of a player. If a player takes his chips stacked neatly and always well-organized strategy is probably playing a strong / aggressive. On the same line, a stack neglected usually connects with a soft strategy.

5. Repeated episodes: this type of behavior takes time to be caught, but many players usually keep the same type of pattern pointed in different situations. For example, some players will check with the best combination possible at the time, while others will pass every time somebody will raise their bet. Try to keep these schemes and take note mentally, because in the long run could be really useful.