Details of the Bodog Reality TV

On previous bulletins the Bodog gambling group’s entrance into reality television has been reported on, but it is only this week that the full details of the series have been announced and they make for extremely interesting reading.

Calvin Ayre, Bodog founder and CEO, is to be the host of the six-episode reality show. The show is to be taped in March at the Bodog compound located in Costa Rica. The episodes will be seen each week on Saturdays starting at 11:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. EST, starting April 15, 2018.

CEO Calvin Ayre has reported that the company’s mission is to discover the next poker star. The company is eager to present the heard playing aspects of the Bodog lifestyle. Calvin Ayre sees poker and television being combined with Bodog-style entertainment as making for one great show. Calvin Ayre sees the company’s next step as being entrance into the world of reality TV.

In the television series the journey of 40 individuals including 10 poker professionals, 10 celebrities, and 20 of Bodog’s poker players will be intimately detailed. These are the individuals who intend to use their card-playing abilities to win a $500,000 first prize. There will be a poker game featured with each episode with each winner receiving $50,000 and maintaining a position at the sixth and final table for an opportunity to win the grand prize of a half-million-dollar.

This is an opportunity to win a trip to Ayre’s Costa Rican estate for reality show hopefuls, and to star along with poker pros and celebrities on the worldwide broadcast network television series. In order to be eligible, contestants will need to set up a account and to submit a fully completed application questionnaire.

The reality show will present Costa Rican excursions, poker games, Bodog Music artists and the show’s host rich lifestyle.

Christmas Not Coming This Year To This Sports Betting Operation

According to the Associated Press reports in preparations for Christmas season, Suffolk County New York law enforcement officials were busy last month arresting members of an Internet gambling cabal involving a yet to be identified Costa Rican manager. They also used the bust to break up a suspected drug operation.

Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota also announced that overall police actions brought in a total of 17 arrests and a haul of over a million dollars in contraband during the week.

Of those arrested, fourteen were charged with the crime of promoting gambling, while three were charged with committing a conspiracy to attain marijuana.

Sports Betting


District Attorney Spota reported that t
hrough surveillance the police had established that the gambling organization was bringing in about $165,000 a week in the form of sports bets. The group is said to have concentrated mostly on professional and collegiate sports activities and that they electronically transferred their profits to Costa Rica, a sum reaching about $8.6 million yearly.

Included in the effort was the arrest of four men were attempting to purchase 100 pounds of marijuana at a cost of $300,000, from California according to investigators.

The arrests began last month when the police arrested a woman along with 16 men. They are all free on bail and will be arraigned in March.

There is still one man who is being sought on charges of conspiracy according to the prosecutor’s office.

Suffolk County is a county of a million and a half residents, situated in the state of New York in the United States. It received its name from Suffolks county in England, from where the first resident came. Most of the people are living in the western part of the county in Hauppauge although the county seat is in Riverhead.

The combination of Suffolk and Nassau counties is usually called Long Island by those who live there, distinguishing it from the boroughs of New York City, being Queens (Queens County) and Brooklyn (Kings County). These two boroughs are what the western end of the island consists of.

The county of Suffolk makes up the easternmost county within the state of New York and the New York Metropolitan Area.